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My Journey:

Our Founder

I know what it's like to feel lost, broken & beautifully tarnished! I also know what it's like to hold on to anger, negativity, fear, self-doubt, and to lose everything…even my Corporate America 9-5 Job, living with family; all while trying to raise my child to the best of my ability. After going through numerous life-changing events, trails, & tribulations; In 2017, things had gotten to the point where seeking a Psychiatrist & Therapist was mandatory for me. Shortly after starting my treatments, I was wrongfully terminated from my position as a Registered Medical Assistant, while on “Intermittent Leave,” a leave that was recommended & granted by my Physician and governed under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) of Georgia. Overall, causing a lot of necessities to be relinquished, the main being Health Insurance. It was essential that I find a costly way to conquer my diagnosis, day and night I dove heavy into researching for answers, ultimately discovering knowledge regarding Energy Understanding & Holistic Healing. Which entails having a healthier Mind, Body, & Soul the natural way.

After surviving my private walk through my "Valley of Shadows," I was able to find my way back to myself. Since achieving that accomplishment, I've been blessed to fulfill my purpose. My mission as a Natural-Medical Mastery Advisor is to educate and elevate individuals who are at the corner of accountability and healing with natural resources. I am a Registered Medical Assistant with 16+ years of combined Medical and Natural Knowledgeable information to share. In connection with formulating and creating cosmetic products, I'm "Self-taught" with 6+ years of formulating experience while using myself as the perfect "test subject."

Everything that is offered at Through Pain Is Purpose, LLC has helped and/or is continuing to help me daily. With these tools and knowledge, I, now, know what it's like to properly heal from the inside out, and observe my circumstances in a positive manner while having peace. Guess what? Everyone is capable of elevation. Hurry! Don't be the bottom, of your choice, below to start your personalized journey towards Self-Recovery. Happy Elevating :)

About: Mission
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